Credit Information

Fine Arts Requirement - All students must earn two fine arts credits between grades 9-12 to graduate. The following courses meet the fine arts requirements. (Some courses are no longer offered, but still qualify for students who have already successfully completed them)

High School Fine Art Courses:

Art - AP Studio Art, Ceramics A & B, Graphic Design & Commercial Art, Drawing A & B, Painting A& B, Visual Communications Art & Technology, Fine Art Photography, Sculpture, World Crafts

Business - Web Design & Animation, Technology, Digital Video & Animation

Music - Choir: Adv. Women's' Choir, Adv. Mixed Choir, Intermediate Mixed Choir, Men's Choir, Women's Choir, 9th Grade Choir

  • Band: Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, 9th Grade Band
  • Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble
  • Orchestra

Theatre - Advanced Acting & Directing, Creative Dramatics & Acting, Theater Arts

** For all graduating classes, the math requirements must include Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2. You will find more specific information in the Math section of the Program of Studies.

Use the credit check forms to help you track your progress toward meeting your graduation requirements