Attention all 17 and 18 year old men

When you turn 18, the law says that you must register with Selective Service.

Those who fail to register may be denied student loans, government jobs, and driver's licenses in most states. In addition, if you are a male immigrant seeking to become a citizen, you must also be registered, regardless of your immigration status.

You can get a Selective Service registration card at your local post office or register at www.sss.gov.

Registering with Selective Service is important to your future, it keeps you eligible for many opportunities, and it's the law.


                                   Junior Classroom Presentation


2019 - 2020 Junior Timeline


 • Consider summer school for enrichment or remediation. Investigate summer job or volunteer opportunities.
• Take Advanced Placement exams. 
• Apply for a summer job if you have not already done so. Add your earnings to a college savings account! 

 Visit SchoolShelf (link on the Counseling website) for information regarding: academic skills, career development, college planning, and student development.


• Consult your English teacher for appropriate summer reading.
• Schedule visits with schools in which you are interested.
• Continue searching for scholarships.


• Schedule virtual visits with schools in which you are interested.
• Your senior year is about to begin. Make the most of your courses, and do not procrastinate. Many things will compete for your time this year! 

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