Class of 2022 - Preparing for after High School

There is a lot of information available for students as they go through the process of planning for their future.  Check out these great resources!

Schoology course titled “Class of 2022” - This is the "go to" place to find all of the information your student will need as they go through this process. There will be a time this summer that it will switch from being “Junior” information to “Senior” information

Naviance (the login link for Naviance is in the Schoology course titled “Class of 2022”)  Naviance is used for:

Searching for colleges

Gathering information about careers and colleges

Requesting transcripts

Requesting letters of recommendation Local scholarship information

College Application 101 Session - A student only session for rising seniors will take place in August. School Counselors will discuss the college application process. Please watch Schoology and the newsletter for the date and time.

Senior classroom meetings and Senior parent meetings - These will take place in the fall. Please watch the newsletter in the fall for dates and times. 
Weekly ERHS newsletters - The counseling department includes updated information each week in the newsletter

School counselors are always available to be a resource in this process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s counselor. 

RESOURCES - Please click to access the information
VIDEOS about the Summer before senior year - To do list (this information was sent to students in May of 2021)
Summer before senior year - To do list (this contains many links to other materials)
Options for after high school (2 and 4 year colleges, technical colleges, military, apprenticeships etc)

Exploring colleges 

Things to think about when choosing a college

What do colleges look for?

Questions to ask on a college visit 

College terms

COLLEGE APPLICATION PROCESS - this information will be reviewed several times with students in the fall. This information is just a preview of things to come!

Senior to do list before meeting with School Counselor 

Requesting Transcripts - Official transcripts will be sent in the fall

Letter of Recommendation Form

This form is used by both counselors and teachers

Please only request letters of recommendation if they are required by the college