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2019-20 Back to School Letter Topics

Additional 2019-20 Back to School Topics

Fall Sports Registration

Registration for Fall Sports opens on July 8. Please be sure your student has a current MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Form on file, which is good for three years. Go to the Health tab of your Parent PortalThe physical form can be obtained from our ERHS Activities website at ERHSactivities.org. Completed forms can be emailed to Teresa Vine, faxed to 651-425-2359, or brought to the Activities Office.

Athletic Passes

All district sport/game passes will be on your phone. Purchase a pass for yourself, student, or family member. Each person will have a pass that can be used via their phone. Click here to purchase an athletic pass. **GoFan Athletic Passes are not accepted at all hockey games. 

RAPTOR ROUND UP: Thurs, Aug. 22, 8am-3pm

GRADES 10-12

**All 9th graders will get their Back to School items completed on their first day of school/9th Grade Orientation on Tuesday, September 3.

Parking Permits

Students who intend to park on campus must purchase an ERHS parking permit for the 2019-20 school year. Please read carefully through the ERHS Parking Rules, which are posted on the Parking at ERHS website under Students > Parking. Permits are purchased through FeePay, starting August 6. Students must bring in their receipt of purchase along with their valid drivers license to Ms. Sicard in the Main Office beginning August 7.

A permit for our student lot can be purchased for $120. Permits for our student lot will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The permit is only valid for the entire 2019-20 school year. Parking information remains posted on our website throughout the school year for any student who wishes to purchase a permit once school has begin. Questions regarding parking permits can be directed to Colleen Sicard at 651-425-2349.


Lifetouch National Studios will take pictures of incoming 10th-12th grade students from 8am-6pm on Raptor Round Up, Thursday, August 22 in the Loft Stage. Visit MyLifetouch.com website for clothing suggestions, purchasing information and more. Students can bring money and order forms to ERHS if you wish to purchase pictures at the time of photos being taken. Order forms will be available at Raptor Round Up on August 22. 

All 9th grade students will have their pictures taken on Thursday, September 5 during the school day. 

All students will need to have their picture taken in order for their 2019-20 ERHS student ID to be generated. A picture make-up day is scheduled for Monday, October 7, for all ERHS students. Seniors: Plan on having your picture taken at Raptor Round Up or on the make-up day, as your transcripts include pictures. If a formal senior portrait is not submitted for the ERHS yearbook, your Lifetouch picture may be used. More info here.

Picture Retake Day

  • Picture Retake Day is Monday, October 7, 2019 during the school day for all ERHS students. Retake day gives students a chance to take a new photo for the yearbook or to purchase pictures.
  • Students are called down to take pictures by their last name throughout the school day.
  • Visit MyLifetouch.com website for clothing suggestions, purchasing information and more. Order forms will be available at school the day of retake day.

Textbook Pick-Up

Our summer Back to School procedures include picking up textbooks. Students in 10th-12th grade should plan on bringing their class schedule DRAFT to Raptor Round Up on August 22 and report to the Media Center to check out any needed textbooks for the year. 9th Grade students will get their textbooks during their 9th Grade Orientation on their first day of school on Tuesday, September 3. 


Student planners will be available to purchase for $5 on August 22 from 8am-3pm in the ERHS Main Office. Exact cash or check (made out to ERHS) is accepted. We only have a limited supply of planners available.

Class Schedules

Beginning August 19 at 4pm, parents and students may access their a DRAFT of their ERHS student's 2019-20 class schedule by logging into Parent/Student PortalPlease be aware all student schedules are in DRAFT FORM until the first day of school and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!! ‚Äč Student schedules will be finalized by August 30 at 4pm through Infinite Campus. All students should print out a copy of their schedule and bring it with them on their first day of school. 

  • Check for a complete schedule; 18 courses, 6 each trimester
  • Check that you have the required courses for your grade level in English and Social Studies
  • Note that a 3 trimester class (i.e. English, Social Studies, Science, Math) may or may not change class periods from trimester to trimester. 
  • Hybrid classes  can be identified by their course and section number (i.e. SO0022-83). Any course and section number ending in the 80s, is a hybrid section.


We also attempt to keep students with the same teacher for our core content areas, but it is not always possible due to schedule constraints and/or student elective course selections. 


If you would like to request a change to your schedule, please visit the ERHS Counseling website to complete the necessary schedule change form. The form will be available from August 19-September 4. 

Essential schedule change requests that WILL be considered are:

  • "Empty" or "Missing" on your schedule
  • Already had the class and passed
  • Did not take or did not pass the prerequisite
  • Elective changes may be considered on a space available basis
  • Inappropriate academic level


Non-essential schedule change requests WILL NOT be considered are:

  • Teacher Requests
  • Lunch Requests
  • To have the same class as your friend
  • To accommodate sports schedules


Counselors are not able to see students individually about schedule changes. The last day to make a schedule change is September 4 through the online request form. Please plan accordingly. 

**If you are considering senior study, student aid, online classes, independent study, or weighted study, must visit the Counseling website or stop by the Counseling Office for the appropriate form.

Senior Transcripts

Seniors must make a payment of $15 for the Senior Naviance Transcript fee via our FeePay system. Transcripts will not be sent unless this fee is paid. 

9th Grade Orientation

Orientation for all ERHS 9th grade students is on Tuesday, September 3 from 8:35am to 3:06pm at East Ridge High School. This is the official first day of school for incoming 9th grade students district-wide. 

An ERHS Activities Fair will take place from 8:00-8:35am in the Cafeteria. 9th grade students are encouraged to stop by and gather information about clubs/activities/sports so that they can get involved in our school community.

Orientation will begin at 8:35am in our Perch Gym. We will work together in large and small group activities where students will meet their Link Crew Leaders and each other. It is also a great opportunity to meet building administration, counselors, and other key personnel, as well as learn more about school culture and procedures. Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to have some fun! Lunch will be available for all students in the cafeteria. Students will be able to access their lunch account from middle school or should bring money to pay for a regular school lunch. After lunch, students will walk through their class schedules in order to help them find their classes, meet their teachers, locate their locker and try their combination. Students should bring a copy of their class schedule with them to Orientation Day. To access student schedules, please see see the Class Schedule section aboveStudents will also be able to check out any needed textbooks for the upcoming school year in the Media Center. Link Crew Leaders and ERHS staff will be on hand to assist with all activities and to lead tours and/or help locate classrooms. 

Normal transportation will be provided for Orientation day. Students should check their Student Portal for bus route pickup/drop off times. Contact our district Transportation office if you have any route questions.

Personalized Learning

Starting this fall, all high school students (at ERHS/WHS) will be assigned a Chromebook by the district to be used as a tool to enhance personalized learning. Personalization is one of the two objectives of our district's strategic plan, calling for the district to "engage, motivate and empower each student through personal instruction creating a shared ownership of learning." 

These district-provided personal devices will be used during class time thoughtfully and in ways that enhance existing lesson plans. Personal devices are just one tool to use in teaching and do not replace teachers. Students will not be on devices for the entirety of their school day. When used responsibly, we know digital technologies can be an asset in an ever-changing digital age and can be used as an effective tool to personalize learning.

Before receiving a device, each student will need to purchase or decline coverage offered by the district's Device Protection Plan on FeePay. The plan provides coverage for accidental damage to the device; damage from fire, flood, natural disasters, or power surges; and theft (with filed police report). 

The participation cost for those choosing to enroll in Device Protection Plan is $30 annually per device. Families who qualify for federal educational benefits, such as free or reduced meals, will also be eligible for reduced pricing ($15 annually per device) on the plan or free coverage by the plan. Learn more about the Device Protection Plan.

Thank you, in advance, for promptly completing the needed steps to ensuring your child receives a device at the beginning of the year so personalized learning can get started right away. Should you have any questions, please visit the District 833 website to learn more about Personalized Learning.

1920 Device Protection Plan[1].pdf

ERHS Cell Phone Policy

Be sure to read our new ERHS Cell Phone Policy.

ERHS Supply List

ERHS does not maintain a list of supplies for students. Since each student has their own unique schedule when they get to the high school it is difficult to create one master supply list that would work for everyone. We ask that each student have a notebook, pen and paper on the first day of school. Some teachers may have their supply lists posted on Schoology.

ERHS is an AVID school. Our hope is that all 9th grade students come to school prepared with an AVID binder. The list below includes all materials needed to properly build your binder and additional items that may help you to be successfully organizedGrade 9 Supply List

Open House - September 10, 5-7pm

Please join us at our ERHS Open House on Tuesday, September 10 from 5-7pm. Families will have the opportunity to greet teachers in their classrooms during our mini schedule, starting promptly at 5pm. Teachers will be prepared with course syllabi, contact information, classroom material lists, and content specific information. Parents are asked to bring a copy (hard copy or electronic) of their student's Trimester 1 class schedule.

Senior-Graduation Information

Seniors & Senior Parents: For all information regarding Commencement/Graduation and Senior Important Dates, please go to our Senior-Graduation webpage.

Information for All Grades 

Information in ( ) indicates the location in which this information can be found on our ERHS website. 

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