Raptors Closet

Raptors Closet LogoThe Raptors Closet supplies teachers with general, and sometimes specific, teaching supplies that are used for/with students in the classroom. The average teachers spends $500 on supplies each year. This parent initiative is to help classroom teachers to keep their out of pocket costs down for general supplies to use with students. Students and families are now able to make a financial donation to the RAPTORS CLOSET.

All donations are tax deductible.

Ways to Donate:

  1. In SmartSchoolK12, search for "ERHS Raptors Closet Donation"
  2. Students can drop off a check (made to ERHS) to Ms. Sicard in the Accounts Office (in the main office)
  3. Donations in kind are always welcomed and can be dropped off in the ERHS main Office (marked for Raptors Closet)