March 24th Parent & Student Email Communication

March 24th Parent & Student Email Communication
Posted on 03/24/2020


March 25, 2020 Update

Student Pick up of Academic Materials for Trimester 3: 

To prepare for the possibility of Distance Learning beginning on Monday, March 30th, our academic materials pick up for Trimester 3 will take place on Thursday, March 26 in a drive through process.  There are only a few classes that require academic materials, so we have reduced the hours from our original communication. If your student is not enrolled in one of the courses below for trimester 3, there is no need to drive up for materials.

  • When:  Thursday, March 26th from 2:00-6:00 p.m.  Note time change from previous communication!
  • Who:  If your student is enrolled in the following courses for Tri 3, they will need to come pick up academic materials:
    • Spanish 1 - Ms. Bird
    • Economics - Mr. Ramey
    • Rap as Poetry - Ms. Berry
    • Ceramics - Ms. Frisco
    • Strategies - Mr. Hartung
    • Students enrolled in 916 courses who have been communicated with about academic materials
    • Students who have been contacted by Ms. McCrady that your chromebook has been repaired
  • How:  Thank you for your patience as we work to serve the students who need academic material.
    • Families will enter the drive thru lanes near the main entrance.
    • When your vehicle is in the line, show your student’s first and last name, and the classes they need material from by using a sign in your passenger side window for a staff member to see.
      • Example:
        • Brian Boothe
        • Ceramics
        • Economics
    • The staff member will note your information, retrieve your materials and place them next to your vehicle.
    • You will load your materials into your vehicle and exit the drive through lanes.
  • Considerations:
    • Students and families will not be allowed in the building.
    • Our staff members will be wearing gloves during this process and we will follow CDC recommendations for schools. 

Thank you and stay safe!

ERHS Admin Team