Safety & Security Drills

From time to time it may become necessary to evacuate the building or conduct a "lock down" in response to a real (or practice) emergency situation. Situations where the above procedures are to be followed include:

  1. Practice fire drill (evacuation)
  2. Actual fire threat or bomb threat (evacuation and/or lock down)
  3. Power outage or gas leak (evacuation and/or lock down)
  4. Tornado drill/warning (proceed to designated shelter area)
  5. Terroristic threat (evacuation and/or lock down)

The above situations involve potential or real threats to human safety. Any student or staff member who does not follow directives at this time will be considered insubordinate and will be disciplined appropriately.

Fire Drills

Students and staff are expected to follow the regulations of the State Fire Marshal's Office for fire drills. Posted in each room is a notice telling the manner of exit from that room. Follow these directions unless an emergency causes other directions to be given. Move promptly without running. Each group is to stay together with the teacher in charge. Keep orderly lines. Tampering in any way with emergency equipment is a serious matter and immediate suspension of persons involved may be the penalty used. Except in emergency situations, students are not to handle fire extinguishers, thermostats, alarms and other operating equipment. Offenders will be referred to proper city officials. When the fire alarm sounds, everyone MUST vacate the building.

Tornado Alerts

In case of a tornado or severe weather alert, please follow these direction procedures:

  1. Any person who sights a tornado will immediately inform the office. When it appears evident that a violent storm is approaching, we will tune to local radio stations for information regarding the approaching storm.
  2. The alarm for an approaching tornado will be by public address announcement.
  3. In cases where an alert is called, all students will go immediately their assigned corridors on the main or lower level of the building and sit with their backs against the wall. Interior rooms without windows may be used as severe weather shelters.
  4. Students will remain in the corridor area until the all clear is sounded or until further directions are given by the administration for evacuation.


During a "lock down" situation, teachers would be instructed to lock their classroom doors and no one would be permitted to enter or leave until the administration gave the okay. Under this situation, all bells are to be disregarded, no passes given, and no phone calls permitted. In either an evacuation or a lockdown, students are required to comply and fully cooperate immediately with any and all instructions given by the teacher or from the P.A. No exceptions!