Plagiarism & Student Cheating

Academic Dishonesty includes cheating, fraud, and plagiarism, the theft of ideas and other forms of intellectual property, whether they are published or not. Cheating and plagiarism are extremely serious matters. Even the suspicion of cheating or plagiarizing has jeopardized student status. The following material defines cheating and plagiarism at East Ridge High School and is based on material from Florida Institute of Technology.

Academic Integrity

Cheating and Plagiarism

It shall be the responsibility of all staff members at East Ridge High School to deal immediately with students who they believe are engaging in plagiarism and/or sharing confidential quizzes and exams. The determination of penalty for acts of cheating will rest with the instructor and/or administration.

Cheating may involve the following:

  • Using the work of another person as your own (including that which is accessed over the internet).
  • Providing your work to another person to use as their own.
  • Plagiarism means using another person's ideas, expressions, or words without giving the original author credit.
  • Having in your possession a copy of a test to be given or having been given by a teacher.
  • Using the test or notes during a test or examination.
  • Talking while taking quizzes, tests, or examinations.
  • Failing to follow test procedures or instructions announced by a teacher (i.e., no talking, no turning around in seat, raise hand to ask questions, etc.).