Lunch & Lunchroom Conduct

ERHS serves affordable breakfasts and lunches on school days in the cafeteria.

There are 3 lunch periods, known as A, B, or C lunch.

Your 4th hour class determines when you will eat lunch. Lunch schedules are posted throughout the building on the 1st day of each trimester.

Lunchroom Conduct

Students are expected to eat in the cafeteria during lunch. Students are not to spend their lunch period in places other than the cafeteria. All students are expected to keep their areas clean and properly dispose of trash and waste.

Lunch Menu

View ERHS Lunch Menu. Menus change monthly and are created by Nutrition Services.

International CrossingInternational Crossing offers hot lunch entrees, vegetables and/or fruit, bread, and milk. Menus vary daily and feature Italian, Mexican Asian food, and regional foods from the U.S.

Market SquareMarket Square features hot foods such as corn dogs, chicken/fish sandwiches, hamburgers & cheeseburgers, chicken strips or popcorn chicken, along with salads and fruits/vegetables.

Downtown DeliDowntown Deli features entrée salads, soups, and sandwiches.

NOTE: Students qualify for school lunch prices when they take 3 of 5 menu items; otherwise, a la carte pricing applies.

Milk counts as one of the "must take" items. Contact Nutrition Services with questions.

Meal Accounts

  • Every student has a meal account and Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Students who purchase a meal at ERHS must have money in their meal account.
  • Students must remember their PIN to pay for meals purchased at school.
  • All food checkout lanes at ERHS are cashless; cashless checkout provides faster service.
  • Lunch prices are located on the Nutrition Services website.

School Cafe - New Online Payment System

SchoolCafĂ©Nutrition Services has made a change from PayPAMS to SchoolCafé. Since summer break is soon coming to a close, now is a good time to set up or update your student's lunch account through SchoolCafé ( When setting up an account, you will be asked to select a school district. In this field please type South Washington at which time our district in Minnesota will pop up. You are also required to select a username and password along with basic contact information. You will also need your student's school ID number when registering for an account. Your student's ID number can be found on Parent Portal.

Student balances shown in PayPAMS will now appear in SchoolCafé once an account is set up and students are added.

With a SchoolCafé account, you are able to set email low balance reminders, schedule automatic payments when a balance of your choosing is reached to avoid low balance phone calls, review student purchases online, and apply for free and reduced meal benefits. SchoolCafé also has a free mobile app available for use on any smart device (please note that free and reduced meal benefit applications must be completed through a web browser).

Delivery of Food Items

Students may not order food to be delivered to them during the school day. Although administration discourages it, if it is necessary to drop off food for your student(s), please note that parents are not allowed to provide food for other students. The school cafeteria offers a wonderful selection of food for students to choose from for both breakfast and lunch.

Senior Lunch Privileges

  • Seniors may eat at the lunch tables outside of the Activities Entrance.
  • Students must toss any trash before re-entering the building.
  • Only seniors may leave campus during their lunch period. All seniors must show their student ID to leave the building for lunch. If you don't have your student ID when asked by school staff, you will not be allowed to leave the building. If you do not have your student ID, please stop in the Attendance Office.

Special Dietary Concerns

Nutrition Services provides alternative meal options for students with special dietary concerns.

Free & Reduced Meals Applications

Submit an application for Free & Reduced Meals each year your family qualifies. Visit the Nutrition Serviceswebsite for information and follow the Free & Reduced Meals link.