Raptor Time

Raptor Time

What is RAPTOR Time?

Raptor Time is a 30 minute support period that was designed to meet the needs of students during the school day. During this time, students will receive academic support, make up work, study quietly, take a academic break and relax, and participate in an advisory or choice activity.

When is RAPTOR Time?

Raptor Time will be a 30 minute period on Flex Days during the 2020-2021 school year. Advisory will be held from 8:30-9:00 am.

Why is ERHS implementing a student advisory?

  • To support the District 833 Strategic Plan - Implement a student advisory to focus on skills, techniques and frameworks that will enhance relationships with students, as well as supportive positive student-to-student relationships.
  • To support our East Ridge High School School Improvement Plan (SIP):
    • Question 1: There is at least one adult in the building that knows me well.
    • Question 2: My teacher motivates me to want to learn.
    • Question 3: I feel like I belong.
  • To continue making relationships:
    • Students → Students
    • Students → Staff

How was RAPTOR Time designed?

Human Centered Design

RAPTOR Time was developed and a prototype has been created using the Human Centered Design, which is a powerful approach to designing/building new products that currently do not exist in today's world. During our process/research, we invited staff to participate in the research and designing of RAPTOR Time and we interviewed over 100+ East Ridge High School students and staff members, to hear their stories. Ideally, the HCD process aligns the prototype to what your users want. Its goal is putting human beings at the heart of the design process. Overall, the HCD is about building empathy for every person involved in the product design process so that the final product is tailored to meet their needs. In our case here at East Ridge, we tested our first prototype in January 2018 and received feedback from our users (students and staff). We redesigned/defined our RAPTOR Time for implementation for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

RAPTOR Time has been developed with the idea that focused support time will:

  • Strengthen connections and access between students and teachers and between students and students
  • Increase academic support and homework time
  • Allow students to re-learn and master learning standards
  • Meet the needs of students working, participating in extracurricular activities, or who may be unable to meet with teachers after school
  • Allow students to take a break from academic work and participate in a choice activity
  • Allow students to achieve and strive for post-secondary readiness

How do students know where to attend during RAPTOR Time & what are the expectations?

Student Raptor Time assignments are posted on their student schedules and are assigned by grade.

Expectations of students:

  • Student must participate in their assigned advisory course during Flex Days.
  • Student will engage in positive relationships, demonstrate respect for self and others, take personal responsibility for academic success, engage in ethical decision making, and use their time wisely.
  • Students may use their time to work on schoolwork, read a book, organize their work, or relax. During these days, students can meet with teachers to make up quizzes, relearn material, get extra academic support, etc. Students still report to their RAPTOR Base teacher for attendance, then report to their previously arranged teacher. Students must remain in their assigned space for the entire RAPTOR Time period.