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East Ridge High

About District 833 

South Washington County Schools is a suburban district located southeast of St. Paul, Minnesota. The district includes all or parts of the communities of Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park, Woodbury, as well as, Afton, Denmark and Grey Cloud Island Townships. District 833 is committed to the mission of "igniting a passion for lifelong learning" through collaboration, continuous improvement, equity, integrity and relationships.

We have 16 elementary schools for students in grades K-5, four middle schools serving grades 6-8, three comprehensive high schools and one alternative high school. There are also a variety of early learning and adult education and enrichment programs offered through Community Education.

About East Ridge High School

East Ridge High School is a comprehensive four-year public high school in Woodbury, MN. East Ridge serves 1,974 students in grades 9-12 from the communities of Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Newport and St. Paul Park. The school opened in the fall of 2009 and graduated its first senior class in the spring of 2011. High school classes are scheduled in a six-period day, with three trimesters (12 weeks) in each grading period. For the 2020-2021 school year we are splitting our trimesters in half (6 weeks) and running three-period days.

About the Staff

There are 147 teachers and staff, of which 76% hold a master's degree or higher. The percentage of teachers that have 3 or more years of teaching experience is 93%. More than half, 51%, of the staff act as advisers and /or coaches.

About the Curriculum

East Ridge is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of courses and programs in all academic areas. A complete listing of all curriculum offerings can be found in the Program of Studies catalog.

  • Advanced Placement
    • AP Art
    • AP Biology
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Physics
    • AP Macroeconomics
    • AP Microeconomics
    • AP Calculus
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Language/Composition
    • AP Literature/Composition
    • AP US History
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP US Government & Politics
    • AP World History
    • AP Computer Science
  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
    • Biomedical Science
      • Principles of Biomedical Sciences
      • Human Body Systems
      • Medical Interventions
      • Biomedical Innovation
    • Engineering & Design
      • Intro to Engineering Design
      • Principles of Engineering
      • Biotechnical Engineering
      • Civil Engineering and Architecture
      • Computer Science
      • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
      • Computer Science and Software Engineering
      • Digital Electronics
      • Engineering Design and Development
  • College in the Schools (CIS)
    • Public Speaking
    • Writing
    • Algebra
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
  • Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)
    • Courses are taken at various colleges/universities for college and high school credit
    • PSEO is available to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who meet admission requirements
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
    • AVID prepares students for college and future success in a global society. How? By helping students build skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Students enroll in rigorous classes, such as Honors, Advanced Placement, or College in the Schools, International Baccalaureate, and in the AVID elective. AVID students participate in activities to enrich their learning, motivate them, and make college seem possible. They gain an improved self-image and become academic leaders who are prepared for college. All students can benefit from AVID, but its target is the least served students in the academic middle. Learn more from your counselor or by visiting www.avid.org.
  • Honors Classes
    • English 9 & 10
    • Physical Science 9
  • Blended Learning/Hybrid
    • Business Law
    • Marketing & Social Media
    • US History
    • Political Science
    • US Government & Politics
    • Economics
    • AP Microeconomics
    • AP Macroeconomics
    • Psychology
    • Sociology

Grading & Rank

Grade/Percentage Unweighted GPA Value Weighted GPA Value
A = 93-100% 4.0 4.8
A- = 90-92.99% 3.667 4.4004
B+ = 87-89.99% 3.333 3.9996
B = 83-86.99% 3.0 3.6
B- = 80-82.99% 2.667 3.2004
C+ = 77-79.99% 2.333 2.7996
C = 73-76.99% 2.0 2.4
C- = 70-72.99% 1.667 2.0004
D+ = 67-69.99% 1.333 1.5996
D = 63-66.99% 1.0 1.2
D- = 60-62.99% 0.667 0.8004
F = Below 59.99% 0.0 0.0
  • GPA is based on marks earned in grades 9-12. All courses in which the student receives a letter grade of A through F are calculated in the GPA.
  • P/N not factored into GPA.
  • East Ridge High School does not calculate class rank for its students, per District 833 policy.

Weighted Grades

Students taking rigorous coursework in the following areas: Advanced Placement, College-in-the-Schools, Project Lead the Way, and University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program have weighted grades using a 1.2 multiplier.

Class Rank

Beginning with the 2014 graduating class, East Ridge High School does not rank students on their GPA's. Due to the nature of our curriculum and the ability of our students, we believe that statistical class rank would represent an inaccurate assessment of a student's abilities and potential for collegiate success. We are fully aware that our position creates extra work for your professional staff, and we appreciate your efforts.

Graduation Requirements

Subject Credits Needed
English 12
Social Studies 9
Economics (Business or Social Studies) 1
Math 9
Science (Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics) 9
Fine Arts* 2
Health (Embedded for class of 2017 and beyond) 1
General Physical Education 1
Electives 22
Total credits to graduate 66

For more information regarding Graduation Requirements, please see the Program of Studies catalog.

ERHS Stats

Grades: 9-12


  • 3 trimesters per year
  • 3 classes per day - 2020-2021 School Year
  • 75 minutes per class - 2020-2021 School Year
  • 3 lunch periods


  • Total: 1,974
  • Senior Class: 470

District Stats

  • South Washington County Schools (District 833) 
  • 3 high schools (grades 9-12)
  • 4 middle schools (grades 6-8)
  • 16 elementary schools (grades K-5)
  • 1 alternative high school
  • High School Diploma Center
  • Early Childhood Family Ed (ECFE)
  • Serves communities of:
    • Cottage Grove
    • St. Paul Park
    • Newport
    • Woodbury
    • Grey Cloud Island
    • Afton