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SoWashCo Schools Sport Spectator Information

SoWashCo Schools Sport Spectator Information

SoWashCo Schools appreciates all the support for our student-athletes participating in winter sports at East Ridge, Park and Woodbury high schools.

As we get deeper into the winter season for athletic events, SoWashCo Schools wants to remind families of important spectator information: 

  • All spectators of SoWashCo Schools sporting events must leave the facility within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the game. Team members can be greeted outside the gym after the game. 

  • Elementary and middle school students attending high school sporting events must be accompanied by an adult. The adult accompanying the child is responsible for them during the game and should be near them in the seating area.

  • Children coming to the game must be in the gym area watching the game.

  • One adult can bring up to four students that are not their own children. The adult accompanying the child should be the person bringing the child home or waiting with them until their ride arrives.

  • Activity centers are not open for spectators to use during games.

As a reminder, online digital tickets are the only way spectators can purchase their sporting tickets for SoWashCo Schools athletic events.

Fans have two ways of purchasing tickets and passes:

  • Click here to visit the HomeTown Ticketing website.

  • Download the HomeTown Fan app on your iOS or Android device

Once in the system, fans can search for high school events, and purchase and save tickets on their device. Spectators will receive a unique QR code that will be scanned at the event. Tickets purchased online can also be printed and brought to the event for admittance.

We appreciate your help in following these game procedures for spectators.