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Ordering and Paying for 2022 AP Exams

at East Ridge High School

Instructions (READ PLEASE)

College Board Student Account

Total Registration

Advanced Placement tests are cumulative post-course assessments that can yield free college credits. Students sign up for testing in the fall and the tests are administered in May. 

Exam Ordering Deadline 

All AP exams need to be ordered and paid for by March 1, 2022. No exams will be ordered after that point. For the best price, pay before October 20, 2021.

2022 ERHS AP Exam Schedule

AP Testing Information

ERHS AP Coordinator's Contact Information

Beth Salmon
East Ridge High School AP Coordinator
South Washington County Schools
cell: 651-210-2590


Additional Information

Getting Scores

2021 AP exam scores are now available to view on each student’s College Board account. 

Exam Content Review 

AP has developed a series of materials and support videos. Resources are available by AP subject.

Student Guide to AP Classroom 

If you are not taking an AP course with one of our East Ridge teachers, you can still use the College Board resources to review content for your exam.

Students can take part in free, online AP classes and review sessions prior to testing. During the final days before exams, online AP classes will focus on understanding the exam day experience and reviewing sample exam questions. To access the live AP classes and recordings, visit the AP YouTube channel. The AP YouTube channel is not put out by our ERHS teachers.

Cancellation of Exams 

Please email Ms. Salmon to cancel an exam for a full refund before November 15. Partial refunds will be available through the end of February 2022. Late fees are non-refundable.

Special Testing Accommodations

If a student has a current 504 or IEP in place, any testing modifications that are written into the 504 or IEP can be submitted to the College Board. Most of the time, test accommodations are also granted for AP testing. School staff are submitting accommodation requests to the College Board on behalf of our ERHS students. The deadline from AP to submit requests is January 15, 2022. Watch for emails from Ms. Salmon to confirm submission of your accommodation requests. If you have questions about this process, please email Ms. Salmon. The College Board may take up to 7 weeks to process a request for testing accommodations. 

AP Secure Browser 

A secure browser was developed by AP to reduce plagiarism or cheating possibilities and protect the integrity of the test items during the school year.

The College Board has a secure app/browser that has been downloaded and pushed out  (installed remotely) by the district to all our student Chromebooks. Students are not allowed to download apps per district policy.

Students, you can find the secure app/browser by looking for the icon on the apps selection screen as you log into your school-issued Chromebook. From there, you'll likely need to enter College Board credentials (username and password) to use the browser for classwork. If you cannot find the College Board app on the apps screen, we can have our tech folks re-install it on your machine from afar. Email if you need help.