Grades & Awards


Report Cards

Students’ grades will be sent to parents/guardians for review at the end of each trimester in a report card. Report cards are issued at the end of each trimester. They are mailed to parents/guardians. Student GPAs are reported at the end of each trimester on the report card. Parents can track student grades (and attendance) throughout the school year by using the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus. To register for an account, contact the district's Student Information department (651.458.6236).

Mid-Term/Progress Reports

Mid-term reports are mailed one week after conferences each trimester. Teachers may send periodic reports or call parents if a student is receiving a failing or near failing grade in their respective courses. If a student is failing after mid-term, the teacher must notify the parents by mail or phone call.

Calculating Grade Point Average (GPA)

In order to determine GPA, the following conversion scale is used:

  • A = 4.00
  • A- = 3.66
  • B+ = 3.33
  • B = 3.00
  • B- = 2.66
  • C+ = 2.33
  • C  =  2.00
  • C- = 1.66
  • D+ = 1.33
  • D = 1.00
  • D- = 0.66
  • I = 0.00
  • F  = 0.00
  • Pass/No credit = no GPA value

Weighted Grading

Students taking classes in Advanced Placement, Project Lead the Way, College-in-the-Schools Concurrent Enrollment, and University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program (UMTYMP) have weighted grades using a 1.2 multiplier. 


Students must fulfill all of the requirements of each course before a grade will be issued. Students who have been ill/absent for an excused reason and are issued an incomplete must make up the incomplete work within the timelines established by the classroom teacher (normally, two weeks after report cards are issued). No credit will be awarded for the course until the incomplete is made up and an alpha grade is issued. The “I” has a mark value of (0). It counts as an attempted credit in determining the student’s GPA.

Course Failures

Course failure defined: The student has not achieved the expected level of competence in the course outcomes, concept development or skill attainment. Further, it is the assessment of the classroom instructor that the student’s continuous academic progress is best served by the student repeating the course. The “F” has a value of (0.00) in the district’s grading system. It counts as an attempted credit in determining the student’s GPA.

Reporting Incompletes and Failures

  1. Teachers will inform students of their individual grading practices (timelines for completion) at the beginning of the trimester regarding making up an Incomplete in order to avoid an “I” becoming a failing grade.
  2. When a failed course is repeated, the higher alpha grade is recorded and the previous failing grade becomes an “N”, no credit.
  3. When a grade change occurs for any reason, the change will appear on the student’s transcript ONLY. The grade change will not appear on the report card.

Pass/No Credit Program

NOTE: Policy updated 9/17/2014

  1. This program will provide a student with the option of receiving a pass/no credit grade. This program will be both limited and optional in nature.
  2. Only one elective class can be taken under this program per trimester, and no more than 3 courses per year.
  3. A student must determine whether he/she is taking a class (and which class) pass/no credit during the first 15 days of the trimester. Once the decision has been made, the student is to:
    1. Inform the teacher in question of this decision. All grading during the trimester will remain the same; only the final grade will differ.
    2. Pick up a pass/ no credit form in the Counseling & Career Center, have parents and teacher sign it and return to the counselor.

Pass/No Credit facts you should know

  1. After making a decision to be graded “pass/no credit” in one elective course per trimester, a student cannot later change his/ her mind.
  2. A pass/no credit grade will not be part of the GPA.
  3. A course taken on the pass/no credit program and successfully completed will receive the same one credit toward graduation as offered under the alpha system. d. A teacher, who with good reason, believes a student is not working up to his/her ability under the pass/no credit system, will be able to remove the student from the pass/no credit program onto an alpha grading system. Before this action is taken, a conference between the teacher, student, parent or guardian and administrator will be held to determine a proper course of action that will be in the best interest of the student.
  4. To receive credit, students must earn a minimum of a “D” grade. A class may not require a grade equivalent above a “D” to earn a “pass” grade. Teachers must notify students who have chosen the “P” grade what criteria will be used to determine the “D” grade, or what is expected in order to pass the class.

Pass/No Credit for Special Education Students

Pass/No Credit for Special Education Students Students whose courses/subjects a re modified or adapted by an Individual Education Plan (IEP) shall earn grades consistent with normal grading practices unless the IEP provides for an alternate grading system. The alternate grading system shall provide a “P” for satisfactory progress or a n “N” for no credit toward IEP goals and shall be determined by the student’s special education IEP Team.


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