Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, all schools in District 833 began using the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum units designed for each grade level. There are five lessons for each grade level. Please see the left-side menu for detailed list of each lesson by grade level. The lessons are designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. All students in District 833 schools will receive this instruction during the first trimester of the 2018-19 school year.

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Grade 9 Lessons:  The following 5 lessons will be presented to all students in 9th grade.

Digital Life 102: Students test their knowledge of digital media and talk about the role media plays in their lives.

Oops! I Broadcast it on the Internet: Students are introduced to the benefits of sharing information online and the potential risks of sharing inappropriate information.

Copyrights and Wrongs: Students explore the legal and ethical dimensions of respective creative work.

Feelings on Display: Students reflect on the different pressures teens face when it comes to editing, posting, and commenting on photos online.

Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying and Online Cruelty: Students learn that cruelty can escalate quickly online because people are often anonymous and posts spread quickly.


Grade 10 Lessons:  The following 5 lessons will be presented to all students in 10th grade.

My Online Code: Students discuss their understanding of ethical behavior and are introduced to the concept of online ethics.

Who Are You Online?: Students explore how they and others represent themselves online, and the relationship between online and offline selves.

Building Community Online: Students examine websites that foster positive community.

Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships: Students explore the risks and responsibilities of carrying out romantic relationships in the digital world.

Risky Online Relationships: Students think critically about developing relationships with people online.


Grade 11 Lessons:  The following 5 lessons will be presented to all students in 11th grade.

Rights, Remixes, and Respect: Students reflect on the differences between taking inspiration from the creative work of others and appropriating that work without permission.

Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying: Students learn about the dynamics of online cruelty and how it affects all of the people involved.

What’s the Big Deal about Internet Privacy?: Students explore the concept of privacy in their everyday lives, and as it relates to using the internet.

Becoming a Web Celeb: Students explore the upsides and downsides of becoming famous online, and reflect on whether the experience can differ for boys and girls.

College Bound: Students learn that everything they or anyone else posts about them online becomes part of a public online presence known as a digital footprint.


Grade 12 Lessons:  The following 5 lessons will be presented to all students in 12th grade.

Private Today, Public Tomorrow: Students reflect on their responsibility to protect the privacy of others when posting information about them online.

Does it Matter Who Has Your Data?: Students consider the ways websites and companies collect data online and utilize it to personalize content for their users, as well as consider companies’ motives in doing so.

Breaking Down Hate Speech: Students learn the definition of hate speech and understanding how it affects individuals, groups, and communities.

Retouching Reality: Students think critically about the different purposes and contexts of digital image editing.

Collective Intelligence: Students consider both the benefits and drawbacks of using collective intelligence in different contexts.