ERHS Open House 5-7pm

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

ERHS Parent Open House is September 11th!!!

Please bring your child’s class schedule with you.

Print out an ERHS Map for reference.

Class schedules can be found on Parent Portal.  

One suggestion is to take a picture of the schedule with your phone.


Please join us at our East Ridge open house Tuesday, September 11th from 5:00-7:00pm.


Please bring a copy of your child’s class schedule which can be found on your Parent Portal.

Beginning at 5:00pm sharp, parents/guardians will follow their child’s class schedule and visit each teacher in a mini schedule format. Classroom rotations occur every 15 minutes, per the bell schedule.

It is recommended that families print out an ERHS Map for reference on where to report for their child's classes.

BELL SCHEDULE (includes 6-minute passing time between periods):

Per 1 -- 5:00-5:15pm

Per 2 -- 5:21-5:36pm

Per 3 -- 5:42-5:57pm

Per 4 -- 6:03-6:18pm

Per 5 -- 6:24-6:39pm

Per 6 -- 6:45-7:00pm


**Due to time constraints, Zero Hour classes are not included in our mini-schedule for the Open House. If you have any questions about your child’s Zero Hour class content/materials, please contact the Zero Hour teacher directly.


SCHOOLOGY: If you need any additional support with Schoology, we will have a district/school staff member to assist parents. Please visit their table in the Cafeteria/Activities Entrance area.


RAPTORS CLOSET: Please consider donating to the Raptors Closet at Open House! The Raptors Closet supplies teachers with general, and sometimes specific, teaching supplies that are used for/with students in the classroom. The average teacher spends $500 on supplies each year. This parent initiative is to help classroom teachers to keep their out of pocket costs down for general supplies to use with students. Students and families are now able to make a financial donation to the RAPTORS CLOSET. All donations are tax deductible. Ways to Donate: 1) In Fee Pay, search for ‘ERHS Raptors Closet Donation’, 2) Students can drop off a check at the Raptors Closet table at Open House -- Activities Entrance area (checks made out to ERHS), 3) Donations in kind are always welcomed and can be dropped off in the ERHS main Office anytime throughout the school year (marked for Raptors Closet).